Benefits of ScaleSwap
A Cronos swap. Efficient tax rules, reducing sell pressure.
When projects use scaleswap for buys and sells it prevents contracts building up tokens and later selling large amounts of tokens collected for tax.
Accurate price estimations
Unlike generic swaps which do not estimate amount of tokens recived correctly (due to taxes), ScaleSwap estimates the exact amount of tokens you will receive.
Reduce Sell Pressure
By collecting taxes in native coin rather than token coins we you remove contract sells of all swaps through ScaleSwap
No contract addresses needed
All contracts listed on ScaleSwap are pre-vetted. Just select from the dropdown list the token you want swap from or to.
Split tax effectively
Got 1 marketing wallet but want to split it into development/marketing/team wallets? We've got you covered.
Token Distribution
We collect taxes for a number of reasons however, mainly to ensure the project sustainability.
Currently our taxes are as follow:
Token Tax (5% Buy / 5% Sell)
4% Marketing
1% Maintenance
Swap Fee: 0.3%
on all transactions for non-scale holders*
0.15% Buy Back Croge
0.15% Maintenance
*scale holders must hold 1000 SCALE tokens to use the swap with no fees.
scale together
Partner With Us
Exclusive Promotion
By partnering with us and using ScaleSwap, your project will be listed on our platform. This will also include limited, free-of-charge, partners-only promotions. (T&C apply)
Make it Yours
ScaleSwap is free to use. Become our partner today to have your project listed on our platform.
Developers Support
Get support from our developers to assist you with the setup - enhancing your user experience and make it part of your ecosystem.
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